Is there more you could do to enhance the productivity of your farm?

Landmark Farm Services provides a growing range of agronomic, animal nutrition and whole farm planning advisory services, aimed at increasing the productivity, profitability and sustainability of farming enterprises.
Agronomic & Farm Planning Advice
The Landmark Agronomy team comprises 250 skilled agronomists located across all states. Landmark Agronomists specialise in crop, pasture or horticultural agronomy. Equipped with the latest software programs Nutriwise and Paddockwise, our experienced agronomists can advise you on:

* Farm and paddock planning services
* Soil testing
* Crop variety selection
* Fertiliser selection
* Weed, disease and insect identification and control measures
* Water-use efficiency
* Natural resource management
* Precision farming

Animal Nutrition & Animal Health Advice
The Landmark Animal Nutritionist team is a rapidly growing team specialising in animal nutrition advice for sheep and cattle producers, including feedlot producers.

Equipped with the latest feed ration formulation software programs, Landmark animal nutritionists are able to formulate the correct ration for your animals.